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Below are some pictures of a flagpole that had not been used / maintained in years. We basically had to replace all the parts. Flagpole truck ( pulley on top ) , new cable , new wire rope , new ball ring and counter weight.

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We specialize in internal halyard flagpole repairs throughout New Jersey.

We also install new poles and service existing poles as well. We can also supply lighting for this pole as well.

We also provide lighting install and repair for flagpoles. Keeping the flagpoles illuminated at night allows you to keep the flag up.We recommend using  LED lighting for a flag illumination. Our lighting installation job we mount the fixture onto a separate pole that comes off the ground 2-3 feet so when it shows , or rains the fixture is not sitting on a puddle or water or snow. We generally use a photo cell for the lighting control.

LED Rab Lighting Fixture to illuminate a flagpole.


There are also other types of flagpole halyard systems. Below are the different types.

External halyard ROPE– Rope goes on the outside of the pole.

Internal halyard ROPE – Rope goes inside the pole. When the flag is up there will be no rope on the outside of the pole

Internal halyard STAINLESS STEEL CABLE – This uses a stainless steel cable to hold the flag up. To raise and lower the flag you would insert a crank handle into the pole and crank it up and down.

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We are also part of Long island Flag Repair & NYC Flag Repair.

We have thousands of pictures of jobs we have completed. You can rest assured we will get your flagpole installed or fixed in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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